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Are Boat Battery Cables Really Necessary?

When considering the wide range of applications and different uses for cable, it’s important to note that not all cable is created equal. Some varieties such as Boat Battery Cables are manufactured in a different way than the common kind of electrical wiring you would find in a house for instance.


This distinction is key if you want to make proper use of cable so you don’t run the risk of malfunctioning equipment and various safety hazards. Some equipment requires certain grades of wire that protect against specific extraneous conditions, such as extreme weather conditions, temperatures, and moisture.



In that regard, you might be wondering if you can substitute any variety of cable to replace your boat battery cables, but this is something you should avoid. If you are working on any kind of project that requires marine grade cable, you want to invest in cable that has the proper certified level of protection to ensure your equipment functions optimally and without risk of dangerous accidents.


What Does Boat Battery Cable Do?
There are several important differences between boat battery cable and other varieties of cable, including more rugged types such as automobile cable.


First and foremost, marine caliber cable is of exceptionally high quality because it needs to be able to function under adverse conditions, such as exposure to high temperatures, sunlight, and moisture. It needs to be quite durable in order to remain functional out in the elements.


To remain properly functional, marine cable also must deal with the movements and vibrations of the boat or vessel in question. This means that it has to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of movements that are often harsh and unforgiving, along with the continuous shaking of the boat itself. These conditions would easily compromise ordinary wire, which is why it is necessary to go with an option that meets the necessary specifications.


The wiring inside a boat needs to be just as tough as the elements around it, if not more so. You can’t get by with cables that weren’t manufactured for the job at hand, otherwise you may be compromising the entire vessel. Boat battery cables have a tough jacket and insulation that won’t get damaged in the extreme marine environment, and can be relied upon to do their job when it matters most.


It’s not a wise idea to rely on cable that’s not suitable for a specific job. If you have a project that requires any kind of marine wiring or boat battery cables, you will easily find what you’re looking for at a reputable manufacturer such as EWCS Wire. They have an impressive selection of tough marine cable that’s ABYC approved, so you know it is up to the task.


If you are interested in purchasing high quality marine cable for your next project, you are likely to find what you are looking for over at EWCS Wire, as they specialize in marine cables and boat cables of all sizes and specifications. If you have any questions about their products, you can reach out to their experts at 1-800-262-1598.

What is Marine Electrical Cable Used For?

Cables are often designed to fit the environments that they are utilized in. Whether this means fire-retardant coatings or the ability to withstand the elements, it’s important that cables used in specific and extreme circumstances are able to function properly. Marine Electrical Cable in particular is used in some of the most harsh environments on Earth.


Specifically, marine electrical cable is designed to be utilized in a variety of marine environments. Of course it is absolutely crucial that such cable meets high, rigorous standards of quality, due to the fact that it must function in and around water and other hazards.



The key aspect of marine electrical cable that separates it from other kinds of cable and wiring is its protective coating, typically made out of tin or a similar substance, that won’t easily corrode when exposed to moisture. This is of course of utmost importance, as the harsh marine environment can easily corrode and destroy common wiring like what you would find in an appliance.


Another important trait of marine electrical cable is its inherent flexibility. It typically has a very fine stranding, which allows for more give and movement in the cable itself. With all the movements and vibrations of a boat in motion, the wiring needs to be able to adapt to what’s happening. Thick, or stiff cables would pose potential issues and could interfere with the safety and functionality of certain kinds of marine vessels.


Moisture isn’t the only substance that marine cable is resistant to. Due to the varied nature of marine environments and all of the different elements at play, often at the same time, it also comes equipped with protections against oil and gasoline, as well as heat. This is to ensure that no matter what circumstances you might encounter, the cables will continue to function properly.


How to Purchase Marine Cable When You Need It
If you require cable for any kind of boat or marine project or problem, it’s important that you don’t settle for just any kind of cable you have lying around. This is not only impractical, as marine cable comes in different sizes per gauge compared to other cables, but it is also dangerous, as most cables simply don’t have the proper protective coating and defenses to be used in a marine environment.


For your marine-related project, you want cable that’s tough and is suitable for the harsh marine environments. Some people choose to use automotive cables as a quick fix in these instances, because they too have certain levels of protective coatings and resistances to heat and oil. However, this is simply not the way to go.


When you need marine electrical cable for your job, know you can get the high quality cable you need right over at a reputable outlet such as EWCS Wire, who specialize in marine cables and excel at customer service. They have all the tin-coated, ABYC approved cables you require at affordable prices, and will go out of their way to answer your questions and help you find the right cable you’re looking for so you don’t have to settle for less.

Marine Wiring With Quality Boat Battery Cables

If you are used to wiring in marine environments, you know that there are extra precautions that need to be considered. The very idea of wiring an electrical system while surrounded by water should definitely raise a few red flags. To ensure that you are wiring correctly, the American Boat and Yacht Council(ABYC) have a convenient guide on how to safely wire electronics on boats. The first place to start with every job is to ensure you are using the correct Boat Battery Cables and wires.


One of the most important factors when choosing a boat battery cable is flexibility. Boats are a constantly moving environment. From bobbing gently in the harbor to crashing through waves and wakes, the wiring on your boat is not going to be static. Combined with vibrations from the engine, this could easily lead to wires being jostled loose. In order to achieve maximum flexibility, marine cables use a large number of finely threaded conductors rather than a solid copper conductor. These fine strands make it easier for the wire the flex without straining the terminal points. This will help to avoid the potentially serious repercussions that can come with a disconnected battery cable.



Another common feature for marine cables is tinning the conductors. This is not actually required by the ABYC, but it is definitely recommended. The tanning process involves electroplating every strand of copper with a layer of tin. This process helps to maintain the conductivity of the copper, but with a much lower reactivity. This will make it harder for any areas of your conductors to oxidize if they become exposed.


Finally, it’s important that the insulators of your wires can handle marine conditions. Obviously, you will need an insulator that can protect the wires from saltwater. You will also want to protect your wires from gasoline, oil, acid, alkali, and abrasion. With so many possible hazards on boats, all of these levels of protection will help ensure that your wire insulation does not degrade and crack over the years.


When you are wiring your boat, it’s important to remember to forget what you know about terrestrial wiring. Overkill is the name of the game when it comes to marine grade electronics. You will want to secure your wires using ring tongue terminals to prevent them from coming loose. You will also need to secure these terminals with shrink tubing for extra security. Combined with adding some extra slack to your wires, these precautions will ensure that your wires will stay securely in place.


So if you are getting ready for a marine wiring project, we have the boat battery cables you need at EWCS Wire. Our inventory includes battery cables and AC flat marine power cables in all the sizes you could need for your project. We also offer plenty of other high-quality wire and cable options. If you have any questions about our wires, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 1-800-262-1598 or sales@EWCSWire.com.

What You Can Expect From The Marine Battery Cables and Terminals From EWCS Wire

The ocean and marine environments, in general, are some of the most unforgiving, reactive, corrosive, and generally dangerous environments out there. The ocean was volatile and unforgiving enough long before steel hulls and copper electrical wiring in the days of wood, sail, and storms. Though some hazards remain, many new ones have arisen. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to take the proper care to invest in the highest quality materials available when working on marine wiring to ensure not only the success of an endeavor but to ensure safety for those in that environment and onboard and vessels. Salt air, water and changing levels of humidity and temperature will make impressively short work of copper wiring and any exposed steel. It’s simply an environment that changes rapidly and dispatches obstacles with startling facility.



Marine Battery Cables And Terminals are up against quite a laundry list of demands even when in peaceful seas. Even when perfectly prepared and wired and not under explicit duress, the corrosive nature of salt water and salt spray wreaks havoc on wiring, and anyone who has ever spent time by the ocean knows that the salt environment is insurmountably pervasive - it will cause rust and decay, it’s just a matter of time. Go one step further and marine battery cables and terminals will have to be flexible in response to rough seas and flexing frames within boats and ships. Add to this list the other obstacles that marine battery cables will have to circumvent, such as abrasion, stretching and threading through and around tight spaces, and you will find yourself with a need for cable that is as flexible and corrosion resistant as possible while retaining the highest degree of strength and durability.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find better marine battery cables than those at EWCS Wire. The specialists at EWCS Wire have perfected the process of creating durable, reliable marine cables that possess all the qualities requisite for the highest standards of integrity. The cables at EWCS Wire are manufactured to extremely stringent specifications to best stand up the elements, resist corrosion and deliver high-quality performance. All made in the United States to guarantee fidelity their standards and quality control, many of the marine cables from EWCS are UL and USCG approved. They are tin coated to help protect the copper from undue deterioration and corrosion, and just as importantly are highly flexible. Their high degree of flexibility helps the wires continue to perform though they may have to be wound around tight corners and into close spaces, as well as moving with the ship. As salt and spray are not the only deleterious influences at sea, the marine cables at EWCS Wire also maintain a high level of resistance to acids and bases, but also to gasoline, oil and abrasion. You’ll need tough and dependable cables for any marine environments, and the products at EWCS Wire are designed to deliver, so find what you need at EWCSWire.com.

High-Quality Welding Cable From EWCS

When you’re welding having reliable cables is essential. Because your cables will transfer current from your welding machine to the welding electrode, it has to be able to make tougher than the average cable. Here at EWCS, we manufacture high-quality Welding Cables that can stand up to the abuse of shop work and continue to reliably transfer current. We offer a wide range of cables so you can always find the perfect option for your needs.



At Electric Cable and Wire Specialists (EWCS) we are an American manufacturer dedicated to creating the best wire and cable options. We manufacture all of our cables in the US using the finest copper conductors and sturdy insulators. If your business needs quality wires or cables, our electrical wiring products are the best on the market.

When choosing a welding cable, the first factor to consider is the current. Current is measured in amperage and is a measurement of how much electrical current will be flowing through a wire. If you have higher currents, you need a larger diameter cable. If your cables are too thin they will quickly overheat and potentially fail. Failing cables can cause fires and other serious issues, so it is crucial to make sure you have the right cable size.


Cables are available for sale in standard AWG sizes. The AWG system can be slightly confusing, with larger number corresponding to smaller wire diameters. Past zero, larger cable diameters are measured by more zeros or the shortened 3/0 for 000 sizes. At EWCS we carry welding cables ranging from 6 AWG to 4/0 AWG.


As you move into bigger cables, you need to make sure they have a high count of finely threaded conductors. This will allow the cable to be extremely flexible and make it easier to maneuver your electrode while you work. If your cables lack this flexibility they can easily split and cause a failure.


No matter what size cable you need, the secret to a reliable cable in the insulation. Welding machines are used in a wide variety of environments and having cables that can stand up to abuse can make a huge difference. We manufacture our cables with sturdy and flexible insulation that can resist corrosive chemicals and extreme heat. Our welding cables can handle temperatures ranging from -40°F to 220°F and are rated from 600 volts. They can also be found in red and black, with some sizes also available in blue and green.


If you need high-performance welding cable, you need to check out all of our amazing options here at the Electric Wire and Cable Specialists. We only make the highest quality electrical wiring products and we offer them at manufacturer direct pricing. With our convenient fulfillment centers across the US, we can get our customers the wires and cables they need typically within a few days' time. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to our team by phone 800-262-1598 or email sales@EWCSwire.com.

Quality Marine Electrical Cable From EWCS Wire

When it comes to Marine Electrical Cable, knowing the differences between what makes wiring suitable for marine applications and terrestrial wire is crucial. The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) has a set of standards in place for proper wire and cable construction and wiring guidelines to ensure all marine wiring is completed safely. If you need wires and cable for working in marine applications, the team here at Electric Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) can help you find a great deal on ABYC compliant marine wiring supplies.


EWCS Wire is an American manufacturer of the highest quality marine grade wire. We also offer many varieties of wire and cables for terrestrial applications ranging from aluminum building wire to heavy-duty welding cables. Next time your business needs a source for any wiring needs, let our team get you the wiring supplies you need shipped fast at a great price.



When it comes to boat cable, you need a lot of flexibility to cope with the constant movement boats have to deal with. Rigid cables, like the solid cored Romex used in homes, are too rigid to be installed in marine environments. With enough rocking, these cables will eventually work themselves loose or their insulation will split or strip. All of our marine wires and cable feature finely stranded conductors to ensure maximum flexibility.


We also used tinned copper to make the conductors for all of our marine wires and cables. While this is not a requirement from the AYBC, it is a safer option than raw copper. By plating the strands of copper with tin, the wiring becomes much less reactive while still being extremely conductive. If your conductors are exposed to the humid environment inside a boat, this layer of protection will keep them from quickly corroding.


The final layer of protection on our marine electrical cables is the insulation. The conditions in boats are not only wet but they can also contain gas, oil, and abrasive surfaces that can damage your wiring. We use extremely flexible insulation that resists acids, alkalis, gas, oil, and moisture to ensure that your cables will remain safe and secure.


We carry both single conductor boat wires in sizes ranging from 16 AWG to 4/0 AWG. Unlike wiring on land, you should never use wires with a gauge smaller than 16 AWG for marine applications. We also carry multiple conductor cables include two conductor cables in 16 AWG to 12 AWG and three-conductor cables in 12 AWG and 10 AWG.


If you regularly work with marine wiring, or you are looking to start, having the correct cables is essential to avoid possibly catastrophic results. Our team here at EWCS can help you find the perfect wires and cables for any marine application. If you have any questions about our marine electrical cable or any of our other wire and cable products, you can reach our team by phone at 1-800-262-1598 or email sales@EWCSWire.com.

Quality Tray Cable For Industrial Applications

If you are a contractor wiring a building, or any other industrial wiring job, you need quality Tray Cable. Tray cables are uniquely designed to be extremely versatile, with several applications including power control, distribution, and communication. When you’re providing power to a structure or you just need a cable that can work under tough conditions, the Electric Wire and Cable Specialists(EWCS) have the heavy-duty cables you need to get the job done.
Cable trays are used in industrial applications to support wiring systems. These trays are an amazing option for organizing cables, especially in systems that might need to be rewired in the future. Tray cables can also be used in cable raceways. These systems involve enclosed conduits that hold the electrical cables you need while keeping them out of view. Typically after wiring cable trays, raceways will be employed between the cable tray and the termination point of the line.
Another distinct aspect of tray cables is the fact that they can serve more than just indoor applications. The tray cables offered from EWCS feature chemically cross-linked polyethylene insulation to protect from moisture and heat, as well as a tough PVC sheath to make the cable sunlight resistant and provide extra protection. This makes our cables perfect for outdoor installation, including burying.
We offer our tray cables in several configurations to meet any needs. We sell cables rated for both 300v and 600v depending on your needs. As far as conductors, we offer 600 volt cables with up to 50 conductors and 300 volt cables with up to 12 shielded pairs of conductors.
At EWCS, no matter what wire and cable you order, you know you will receive only top of the line products. All of our wires and cables are made in the US from high-grade copper and rugged insulation and can be ordered in convenient lengths, or the custom lengths that your business needs. Every cable and wire we offer has been listed by either UL or ETL nation testing laboratories to ensure they are up to code.
We also pride ourselves in our ability to ship out all orders as quickly as possible. We know that waiting around for supplies can hurt your business, so we aim to ship every order within one business day. We have several convenient fulfillment centers across the country, so we can typically ship products from a location near you. We aim for every order to be received by our clients within 2 to 3 days time, so you can get back to work as soon as possible.
Whatever your wiring needs, you can turn to EWCS. Whether you need welding cable, marine wire, or tray cables, we have a wide range of products all at direct from manufacturer pricing. Don’t overpay for the quality cable you need, visit EWCS and get the supplies your business requires delivered quickly at a great price.

Get the Wire Your Business Needs Fast

For electrical technicians, not having the right wire for a job is not just a minor inconvenience. When you can’t complete a job because you don’t have the supplies, it can create delays and hurt your business's reputation. Having the largest possible stock of wire to suit every job can help, but can also be expensive. Finding a quality wire provider that can also get you the supplies you need quickly is crucial to making sure you can complete jobs on time and retain your clients. Whether you need tray cables or 4/0 Welding Cable, EWSC Wire can have your order shipped within 24 hours so you won’t have to delay your work.



At Electric Wire & Cable Specialists(EWCS), we have been supplying wire and cable to businesses since 1994. All of our wire is made in the USA from high quality solid or stranded copper. All of our products have been certified by UL or ET testing facilities. We are proud to offer manufacturer direct pricing on our inventory to a huge variety of professionals. If your business requires electrical cables to get the job done, EWCS is here to make sure you can get the supplies you need at the best prices.


We know that situations will arise when you need a type of wire as soon as possible. We specialize in expedited shipping. If you place an order with us, we have several fulfillment centers across the country. Depending on your order’s destination, we will ship it within 24 hours from the closest possible center. While we always aim for same day shipping, sometimes it might take until the next morning to ship larger orders. Most of our clients receive their wire within two to three days of placing their order.


We stock wire and cable for practically any application. Whether you need a cord with one insulator or one dozen, for dry application or outdoor installation, we have plenty of options for you. Need marine cable or some beefy 4/0 welding cable? We can have them in your hands in a few days. No matter what your business needs, we have a cable that will do the job. You can order all of our cables in convenient pre-cut lengths to fit any job. If you need a custom length of cable, we are happy to make sure you can get the exact supplies to meet your needs.


Our focus is on making sure our clients have the wire they need to get the job done and make their customers happy. If you have any questions about shipping, our inventory, or having a custom cable manufactured, give us a call at 800-262-1598. Our team is happy to work with your business. Don’t get stuck pushing back our schedule because you can’t get your supplies in time. Next time you need wire, trust EWCS to get your high-quality US made wire at amazing prices.

Get Your Next Flexible Welding Cable From EWCS Wire

In your search for a Flexible Welding Cable for your welding jobs, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider in order to make an informed decision. It does require a bit of calculation to ensure that you have the right length of welding cable for whichever application you intend to put the product to, and it’s important to have the proper gauge and material for the task. Here’s the good news - when you’re confident you know what you need in a flexible welding cable when you choose to source your products from EWCS Wire, your satisfaction is guaranteed.



One of the most important factors to attend to closely is the length of the cable you’ll be needing. It’s important to be well aware of your work area or job site as well as with the other equipment you’ll be using so that you can determine the length of flexible welding cable you need. This is particularly important given that the gauge and material of the welding cable you use will affect its flexibility. In this arena, EWCS Wire comes prepared with multiple options in various gauges that you will need to complete your jobs.


Come to EWCS Wire and you will find flexible welding cables in gauges from 2 to 4/0 in black and red in case you need to keep two similar cables in terms of length and gauge but with different voltage ratings. Among the most flexible of the welding cables at EWCS Wire are their 2/0 Flexible 100-foot welding cables with a 600-volt rating and male and female LENCO connectors already installed on the cable. They are sunlight and water-resistant, two beneficial if not critical components in a welding cable that’s sure to be put to the grindstone when on the job. It is composed of 30 gauge copper strands that offer superb flexibility - perfect for situations where you need extra play in the wire. EWCS Wire also offers a portfolio of flexible welding cables from 2 to 4/0 gauge that is rated to withstand temperatures from -50C to 105C and can handle 600 volts. Their extremely durable insulation keeps them reliable under tough conditions, even giving them a measure of resistance to oil and gasoline.


But here’s the best thing about sourcing your flexible welding cables from EWCS Wire. There’s no need for you to guess on what you’re buying anymore because EWCS Wire offers some of the best customer service around. In fact, they want to hear your questions and concerns before purchasing - simply call up their team at 800-262-1598 or email them at sales@ewcswire.com and see what their pros can do for you. You can even head to their website at EWCSWire.com and chat with them right there. They also guarantee their orders and product to satisfy - they are serious about what they do, so when you need to get some answers for your questions, don’t settle for second best, visit EWCSWire.com and find the flexible welding cable you need.

What Projects Require Marine Electrical Wire?

If you find yourself considering the integration of a new electrical system on your boat, dock, or amphibious vehicle, it’s important to know what projects are going to require certified marine electrical wire. While some projects can use standard wire, it can be very dangerous to use standard wire in locations that really need Marine Electrical Wire. This article will give some examples of projects that would require marine-grade wire, and how marine-grade wire would ensure the safety of that project.

1. Replacing Battery Cables
Replacing battery cables is one of the most important projects that require marine-grade wire. Because battery compartments are in danger of coming into contact with moisture, marine-grade wire is absolutely necessary, especially if your vehicle will be operating in a saltwater environment.


Marine electrical wire has thicker, more durable insulation that helps it resist the moisture that could make its way into the battery compartment. Additionally, because battery cables connect to the engine, which often has more moisture than most places of boats, marine wires are necessary to ensure they don’t degrade during everyday use.


2. Wiring Dock Lights
Dock lights can make life incredibly easy if you happen to come back on your boat after sundown. Many people, though, make the mistake of using non-marine-grade wire for wiring dock lights simply because the lit area of your dock will be above the water level. In reality, wake, extra-high tides, and ocean spray can all introduce moisture to your dock light electrical system. This moisture will degrade standard cable significantly faster than marine-grade wire.


Marine electrical wire is manufactured using tinned copper, which makes the copper strands on the inside considerably more resistant to moisture and salt by coating them with an extremely thin layer of tin.

3. Wiring GPS Units or Fish Finders
Add-ons and accessories to your boat can help make boating more enjoyable and safe. In addition, it’s not always preferable to have portable GPS systems or smaller fish finder systems, both of which can be less effective than their hard-wired alternatives. If you find yourself thinking about adding one of these devices to your control panel, ensure that you use quality marine wire. While it is relatively easy to apply sealant to dials and control panel components that ship with the boat, adding your own hard-wired system can be much harder to seal effectively without greatly expanding the work required.


As a result of the increased difficulty of sealing off add-on systems, it’s important to stick with marine wire to prevent damage from spray that inevitably will be present. Even boats with fully-enclosed bridges are likely to be subject to increased moisture due to ocean spray, rainwater, or minor leaks in enclosing fabrics.


Ready to stock up for your next project? We can help. Our team of professionals is ready and waiting to answer your questions, help you find what you need, and see you through to a successful upgrade or repair! Come visit us today at www.ewcswire.com!

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying Electric Wire Cable

Whether you’re setting up a brand new electrical system or doing maintenance on an old one, it’s important to know what you need before you order your supplies. Depending on the system, electric cable wire can become quite expensive and, therefore, making mistakes in your order can add a lot of cost to the project. Thankfully, you can easily avoid unfortunate expenditures by asking yourself a few important questions that will help you choose the right cables for the job. Keep reading to find out the three questions you should always ask when you buy Electric Wire Cable!
1. How Far Will the Cable Run?

Length is one of the most important factors of choosing any cable, especially if you are wiring a larger system. Systems in the degree of feet and yards are going to be much more sensitive to longer cables, which could actually increase the resistance within the system. Even in smaller systems, though, it’s important to be sure to measure carefully. Additionally, you should keep a careful eye for obstacles that could increase the length of cable you need, because there’s almost nothing worse than getting halfway through a project and realizing you don’t have enough cable.
2. How Much Current Will Your System Run?

In all electrical systems, the electrical current running through the system is remarkably important to know. Knowing the current is important because all cables have a different “ampacity,” or current-carrying capacity. Thicker cables can carry stronger currents, but might prove to be more complicated to run. Thinner cables are much easier to run, but may not be strong enough to carry the current you need. Never attempt to run a strong current through a cable with lower ampacity than the current, as it will result in overheating wires, which are a fire hazard and health hazard.
3. Are There Environmental Hazards to Consider?

In the laying of any electrical system, you should always consider whether there are environmental factors that could endanger your cables. Moisture, cleaning agents, and moving parts near your cables could all be factors that could endanger your electrical system. If you are laying cables in a damp basement or are doing maintenance on a marine system, be sure to buy cables that are made with tinned copper. Additionally, for marine environments, ensure you buy certified marine cable that is rated by the Society of Automotive Engineers, the world’s foremost automotive engineering group.
In the case that you are laying cables near moving parts, like HVAC fans, be sure to choose paths for laying your cables in advance so as not to endanger the cables. Sometimes, you may find that you need additional lengths of cable in order to avoid mechanical hazards in your environment.
Are you ready to place an order? We can help ensure you get the electric wire cable you need right away. Here at www.ewcswire.com, we aim to help every electrical project go smoothly and stay within budget. Come visit us today!

What To Look For In A Good 8 AWG Marine Battery Cable

If you are a seasoned mariner, you understand the importance of working with equipment you can count on. That being said, everybody knows that equipment needs to be replaced or repaired from time to time. This rule is pretty much universal and means that your battery cable will also need to be replaced at some point. Over time, no matter how you primarily use your boat, the battery cable will develop signs of wear and tear, and it is essential that you pay attention to particular signs that could indicate impending problems. Make sure you know when your cable needs to be changed. Once you know what signs can indicate a problem, you’ll need to know how to find a replacement cable that’s right for you. Read on for helpful information on how to identify a quality 8 AWG Marine Battery Cable.
1. Durable, Marine-Grade Insulation
8 AWG Marine Battery Cables are known for their impressive insulation. These cables are designed and manufactured with durable, marine-grade insulation that protects the interior copper cables from the outside, sometimes harsh marine environment. When looking for a replacement marine battery cable, it is essential that you pay attention to the durability and quality of the insulation. UL and ABYC certified cables are the best way to go. If you purchase a UL and ABYC certified cable, you’ll have the peace of mind that only professionally tested and approved supplies can give you.
If you plan to use your boat in saltwater, you’ll want to opt for durable, more highly-rated battery cables to avoid any potential corrosion or other related types of damage.
2. Tinned-Copper Cables
“Tinning” is a process that involves coating the copper strands of a cable with a thin layer of tin before completely insulating with a durable, saltwater, oil, and gas resistant PVC insulation. With tinned cables, you’ll have a power system that is highly resistant to corrosion.
3. Flexibility
Flexibility is an essential component of cable viability. Ensuring that your 8 AWG Marine Battery Cable is flexible will prepare you for installation in your boat’s battery compartment, which will likely be a tight space. The best marine cables will have a higher copper strand count, creating added flexibility and ease of installation.
4. Warranties and Guarantees
You should always invest in equipment that has been tested and approved by professionals. Fortunately, there are a number of companies and equipment distributors that offer comprehensive warranties on their products, making it easier for you to invest in equipment that you can trust. With a warranty, not only will you know that your equipment is of the highest quality, you will also gain the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment is safe.
For more information on marine-related replacement supplies, or if you’d like to know how to find a replacement 8 AWG Marine Battery Cable that is right for you, visit www.ewcswire.com or call (800)-262-1958 today!

Buying Quality Marine Electrical Wire

When it comes to wiring in marine environments, you have to start with a new set of rules. The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) has its own set of guidelines that differ significantly from wiring in terrestrial applications. Before you start your next marine wiring project, it’s important to reference these guidelines to ensure you are using the proper marine electrical wire and proper terminal connections to avoid the possibility of potentially catastrophic electrical failure. Knowing what to look for before you purchase your wire can help ensure that your boat is wired safely.

Marine environments have to deal with a lot of movement. Between the gentle rocking that experienced in your dock or harbor to the violent jarring when cutting through the waves, boats almost never standstill. Because of all this movement, it’s crucial to have flexible cables that can move without cracking their insulation or coming disconnected. In order to achieve this level of flexibility, marine electrical wires should use finely stranded conductors instead of a single solid copper core.


Though it is not officially frowned upon by the ABYC, using solid copper conductors for marine wiring can cause any exposed conductors to corrode. To avoid this corrosion, many manufacturers choose to make their marine cables using tinned copper. When you electroplate your copper strands with tin, the resulting conductor maintains excellent conductivity with a much lower reactivity. In marine environments where water and salt are common, these coated conductors will help avoid corrosion and will greatly increase the lifespan of your cables.


Another layer of protection that marine cables require is a high gradelayer of insulation. The engine room of a boat can contain water, gasoline, oil, abrasive surfaces, and other potentially corrosive substances. The PVCinsulationon your marine cables has to be able to stand up to any of these potentially damaging agents. If your insulaton is weakened by solvents like gasoline or oil it can break down, your cables can easily end up with exposed conductors and suffer from corrosion.


When you are installing your wires it is important to make sure you are using the correct terminals. All of the movement on boats can easily cause traditional terminals to vibrateloose. Terrestrial connections like wire nuts require at least one of the wires to feature a solid conductor, which makes them a poor choice for marine wiring. Instead, screw-in terminals should be employed for extra security. Wires should end in ring terminals and need to be securely crimped and secured with a shrink tube. This will create a remarkably stable connection that will not shake loose over time.


If you need the highest quality marine electrical wire, visit EWCS Wire today. We are an American manufacturer of high-quality wire and cable for a wide range of applications. Our marine wires and cables feature tinned copper stranded conductors and rugged insulators. If you are about to undertake a marine electrical project, be sure to review the ABYC guidelines and purchase quality marine wire from EWCS today.

Buy the Best Electrical Wire Online From EWCS and Save Money

What is electrical wire? A string of copper or aluminum metal inside a plastic cover, right? Right. That’s exactly what electrical wire is; but there’s more to the story … much more.
The folks at Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) know there’s a lot more to wire than just a string and some plastic. They engineer their wire products to perform a multitude of tasks and to perform those tasks consistently over a long period of time. And the name of the company uses the word “specialists” and that is an accurate description because EWCS not only engineers high quality wire, they engineer over a hundred different types of wires and cables.
Ever since 1994, EWCS has been engineering and manufacturing the finest wire and cable products available on the market. From the beginning, the engineers understood for their company to be successful they had to produce the best products, otherwise, the customers wouldn’t keep buying their products and the company wouldn’t be around long.
Twenty-five years later, it appears the engineers knew exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. Since the beginning, only the highest grade metals and materials went into manufacturing all the electrical wire products EWCS sells. From heavy duty, large-gauge industrial wire that is capable of handling 600 volts down to tiny, electronic wiring able to sense the tiniest of electrical impulses for scientific experiments, EWCS has been working hand-in-hand with their customers to provide the finest wire products while at the same time providing first-class customer support.
Using high grade copper and aluminum means EWCS’ wire and cable products don’t crack and break like a lot of their competitor’s products. Cracking diminishes electrical signal strength and can lead to a break in the line. A break in an electrical line can not only short out the equipment it’s a part of, it can also cause a spark and fire. It doesn’t make sense to take those kinds of risks and after twenty-five years, EWCS’ customers know and trust the products the company manufactures. They know the products meet and exceed specifications and that’s why so many customers have placed EWCS’ electrical wire and cable products into thousands of projects, boats, repairs, and upgrades.
Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists do more to take care of their customers than manufacturing superior electrical equipment; they treat their customers to low Factory Direct Prices. Everyone from the company accountant to the CEO likes the idea of saving money on high-value products and that’s what happens when their company purchases wire and cable products from EWCS. In addition to the low prices is the Free Shipping EWCS offers on orders of $40 or more. And on top of that they also offer what no one else in the industry can offer their customers: EWCS’ excellent customer support team. Customers can go to the website at www.ewcswire.com and use the inquiry form on the contact page to get questions answered or to submit large quantity orders and receive additional discounts. Customers can also send an email to sales@ewcswire.com or they can speak directly with a customer support professional by calling 800-262-1598 between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday Central Standard Time.
It turns out there is a lot more to wire than just some metal string inside a plastic cover; there’s Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists and that’s a lot!

Buy Flexible Welding Cable Online and Save Money With EWCS

There are two jobs Flexible Welding Cable has to do well; flex and deliver electricity. That may not seem to be asking much but the fact is when it’s time to go to work, a lot of “flexible” cable doesn’t exactly measure up.
Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS) know all about the problems inflexible flexible welding cable can create. Many industrial environments use motorized or mobile welding robots. Those robots move in many directions and the wiring that supplies the electricity to make the welds has to be consistent and has to flex. For a quarter of a century, the folks at EWCS have been dealing successfully with the most difficult environments for their cable. No one wants to shut down an entire production line because a feed wire broke and with EWCS cable it won’t happen.
Here’s another example of the importance of cable flexing; welding technicians working on large piecework items. Those technicians have to be able to move around at all angles and perform their tasks without an interruption in the voltage coming down the wire. They too rely on their cable to do the job, day in and day out.
What makes EWCS Flexible Welding Cable so much more reliable than their competitors? EWCS believes in the saying, “Quality in means quality out”. The engineers at EWCS will only use the highest grades of copper in their wire and cable extrusion processing. The better the copper, the more it can flex without cracking or breaking. Encasing the cable with a double-wall, adhesive-lined Polyolefin cover adds to the flexibility and helps in preventing problems during use.
EWCS’ Flexible Welding Cable comes in 2/0, 3/0, and 4/0 gauge Extra Flexible Welding Cable as well as in 4 AWG and 6 AWG gauge sizes. Welding cable can be ordered with or without connectors installed and customers have a choice of color for the covering if they like. With low Factory Direct prices, Free Shipping on orders of $40 or more, plus a 5% Discount on a new customer’s first order, there’s no reason to look anywhere else.
In addition to the superior engineering and manufacturing that Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists put into their cable, they also add in something no other company can add; EWCS’ customer support team. When it comes to purchasing quality cabling products online, great customer support has to be a part of the deal. Without great customer support a company can make the best products in the world, but no one will buy them more than once. Since 1994, customers have been buying EWCS wire and cable making them one of the largest online vendors of wire and cable products in North America.
With seven service centers supplying thousands of customers across North America, Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists have been meeting the needs of industry time and time again. It is easy to see why when customers go to the website at www.ewcswire.com and see all the benefits they receive when they purchase their wiring and cabling from EWCS. It’s easy to contact the company with an inquiry form on the website contact page and an email address at sales@ewcswire.com that customers can use to communicate with the customer support team. Customers can also call the company at 800-262-1598 between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday Central Standard Time.

Marine Electrical Cable from EWCS

Marine electronics failure is one of the absolute worst case scenarios for any boat owner. Using the proper American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) compliant marine grade wire and processes are the best way to avoid electrical failures. At Electric Wire &Cable Specialists (EWCS) we specialize in the production of high quality marine electrical cable.



Marine wire takes a beating from constant vibration and corrosive elements. When you choose a marine wire supplier, it’s crucial to find wires composed of fine stranding for maximum flexibility and quality tinned copper to resist corrosion. EWCS has been providing our quality wire to retailers and contractors since 1994. All of our wire is made in the USA from the highest quality copper to achieve maximum conductivity and ductility.


The flexibility of high-quality wire is one of the main avenues of defense against marine electrical failure. Unlike the wire in our homes, which gets to remain stationary, boat wiring is constantly rattled and strained by the vibrations of the motor and the lapping of the water.


Marine cables must feature conductors made from the highest quality copper to achieve finer strands with a higher tensile strength than home wire. The increase in strand count helps ensure that the wire is extremely strong and flexible enough to stand up to the marine environment. All of our marine electrical cables have been tested and approved by UL nationally recognized testing laboratories.


The majority of marine wire will be used for DC components. The innocence of wiring a 12-volt component is what often leads to disaster when boat owners turn to wire created for non-marine applications.


At EWCS we carry our single conductor marine electrical cable in the following AWG sizes: 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1/0, 2/0, & 4/0.


For larger boats, AC systems are often required to give boat owners access to the consumer electronics they are used to. For these systems, EWCS offers several sizes of jacketed marine grade wire. Our 2 conductor wire comes in 16, 14, and 12 AWG sizes. We also offer 3 conductor wire in 12 and 10 AWG sizes.


All of our multi-conductor wire comes jacketed with premium vinyl to provide protection from oil, gasoline, salt water, and acids. These cables have the same flexible tinned copper wire to ensure they can stand up the the abuse of constant movement.


Improper marine wiring dangerous and the wrong cables can spell disaster for boat owners. To make sure your products and services don’t put you or your customers in danger, it’s important not to cut any corners on quality. When you choose to do business with EWCS, you know that you’re using wire made and tested in America from a quality manufacturer.


When choosing wire for marine applications, EWCS is happy to lend you our years of experience. Our customer service team can help you find the perfect wire and lengths for any project, marine or otherwise. With our factory-direct pricing, we can help you cut out the middleman to receive the marine electrical cable you need at an amazing price. We have fulfillment centers across the contiguous United States so we can package and ship your orders quickly to make sure you have the wire you need when you need it. Next time you need to a great deal on wire and cable from a quality manufacturer, look no further than EWCS.